What is Moneycare?

Moneycare is our healthcare system. It is driven primarily for the making of money and corporate profit.

Moneycare costs twice what the Japanese spend per person for healthcare and close to twice what they spend in Europe. These nations are as healthy as or healthier than we are.  Our moneycare system is inferior to these countries’ healthcare  because of cost and we don’t even cover everyone.

Money through campaign contributions and lobbyists heavily influences government actions.  It is what got us where we are.  Obamacare is an expansion of moneycare.

Lifestyle prevention of illness or healing naturally makes little money so it isn’t a major part of moneycare.

Why this website and blog?

This blog is about pragmatism.  It is also maverick thinking. The political parties have too much herd thinking.  Neither has offered any realistic way to solve the crisis.

Our Moneycare system doesn’t work anymore. It costs far too much and the worst is yet to come. It is a money pit created by ideology,  lobbyists and campaign contributions.

Here are the four general reasons for this website and blog.


Everyone is aware our healthcare system is in trouble. Few realize how much worse it is going to get. Very serious trends are already in motion.  Obamacare is only a small part of the big picture.

We spend $3 trillion yearly on Healthcare. That is nearly twice what other advanced countries spend per person for results that are not any better. This shows that we lose $1 ½ trillion yearly or 9% of GDP to moneycare waste and corruption.  We pour one out of every ten dollars spent in the U.S. yearly down the drain.

This weakens our economy. It contributes to high unemployment and poor paying jobs even for college grads.

There is more than enough information about what is wrong with our moneycare and how to fix it. Right now the media rage is the Obamacare roll out which misses the big picture, the whole moneycare system.

There are books, studies and reports to read. The average person is too busy trying to survive all of this to read it all. Replace Moneycare will summarize this for you. It will also discuss what we must do to save our country from economic ruin.


We can shrink healthcare costs beyond getting rid of waste by preventing illness in the first place.

Replace Moneycare will show how real lifestyle preventive medicine can help cut what we are spending today to below half. Think of what you could do with that money! Think of what that would do for our economy.  Too good to be true? Follow this blog.


The majority of our politicians from both parties are primarily concerned with being re-elected and elected to higher office. They are heavily influenced (bought off ?) by big corporations through campaign contributions and lobbyists.

As a result we have outrageous drug prices that are by far the highest in the world. We have expensive health insurance companies that other nations like Canada, the UK, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden and Finland do a very good job without.  Our hospitals kill thousands through errors and neglect. They form local monopolies and their high prices are chaotic. There is little government regulation.

We need to mobilize a second American revolution through public organizations and the ballot box. We must make the politicians do what is best for us not for their campaign contributors and lobbyists or throw them out. The first American revolution was a long struggle. This one will be too.


We can and must replace Moneycare! You are needed in the battle for self preservation and national revival! We don’t have the big money the big corporations have for advertising, campaign contributions and lobbyists. We do have the ability to speak to each other and send email. We can unite, take action through citizens lobbies and vote to recapture our government.

We can find ways to spend our money (boycotts etc.) that will break the irresponsibility and greed of many corporate goliaths.

We can break bad habits and develop new ones to make ourselves healthy.

Replace Moneycare’s mission is to alert everyone and show how we can replace moneycare with something much better.

Subscribe to Replace Moneycare for new postings (it’s free and for the time being send requests to RonAnthony47@aol.com) and tell everyone you know about Replace Moneycare, so they can learn too. Urge them to tell everyone they know! It is we, the little people, against the corporate giants and corrupt politicians. The internet makes all things possible! We can mobilize millions into a citizens army that would make our Founding Fathers proud.


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